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Todd Smith

Owner and Founder of Todd Smith Fitness, Nutrishop Omaha, Nutrition Pros and now... Fire Nutrition.

There’s been a fire burning in Todd Smith’s belly for as long as he can remember. As a child growing up in a family that struggled with obesity and poor health, Todd found himself longing to help. For many years, his family tried every quick fix, fad diet that hit the market. However, sustained weight loss remained elusive. Todd became frustrated for his family, and he grew curious about the variables and circumstances that seemed to trap the people he loved in poor health. He wanted to help, but he had no idea where to begin.

On a particularly fateful day, while just a teenager, Todd was browsing the imposing stacks of used books at a hazy, downtown bookstore where barefoot hippies offered coffee to all who entered. Todd came across a pair of worn-out books that would change his life: Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston Price and Keys to the Inner Universe by Bill Pearl. He devoured the texts and found himself wanting more. The experience began a life-long quest to learn as much as he could about health, nutrition and fitness.

Todd immediately began to put the fitness and nutrition advice he’d read into action. He started lifting weights and adhering to a strict nutrition plan. He quickly realized that he had a natural ability to gain muscle and found that as his body grew, so did his passion for learning more about the human body. He began meeting other people who had similar interests. His understanding of human physiology grew, as did his desire to help people, who like his family, struggled to maintain optimal health.



In the mid-1980s, the fitness industry was just getting started. There were only a handful of gyms in town which catered to traditional athletes. Todd saw an opportunity to share his passion for fitness with a broader clientele. Todd teamed with a friend and business partner to build weight lifting equipment that he sold to various clients throughout the region. He hoped to spread his passion for health by introducing more people to exercise equipment. He quickly realized that he couldn’t keep up with customer demand without a proper facility to manufacture his products. The predicament inspired Todd to open a gym with space to make the products he wanted to sell. In 1984 he began selling memberships to his first health club.

Todd’s first health club grew more successful over the years. Membership increased, and equipment sales took off. He began developing a unique relationship with his clients and eventually became what we now refer to as a personal trainer. The idea of a personal trainer was very new, and the demand for Todd’s unique service was robust. The gym was a success! And then, the city closed the two nearest interstate exits, causing surrounding businesses to enter decline. Todd faced that hurdle head-on, and he learned to pivot and look for better opportunities.

He moved his business to a new location, where he launched a second health club. In only a few years, he realized the new gym was too small, and he built a new building for his growing needs. With success came change, and before long, Todd found himself spending all of his time managing his growing business instead of training his clients. He’d lost touch with what initially attracted him to gym ownership. He no longer spent his days helping people change their bodies for the better. With national chains knocking at the door and offers to buy him out, Todd decided the time was right to redirect his career, and he sold his business to a national health club chain.

While Todd enjoyed the challenges that each of his business ventures brought him, he found himself unable to fulfill his most basic professional desires. Todd longed to help people who, like his family, struggled with their health. With his direction, Todd knew that he could help transform people’s lives for the better. He launched a home fitness system, Todd Smith’s “I Can Do It” Total Lifestyle Program, using an infomercial to market the program to over 100,000 people. He also began to build a new health club and developed a training philosophy that he believed would serve a diverse clientele. He saw that the big, national health clubs neglected the very people Todd had always longed to help. He wanted to help those who struggled with weight loss and inactivity. He felt that making people feel confident and accepted was as important as sharing the wisdom he’d gained over his many years as an industry leader.

At all of Todd’s current business ventures, the customer experience is his highest priority. He knows how important it is to make his clients feel welcome and appreciated. Todd Smith Fitness is a unique business that focuses on the mature body. At Todd Smith Fitness, clients achieve metabolic engagement and postural correction, and they receive nutrition guidance, all delivered with a joyous and fun experience.

The Ultimate Workout is a scintillating fitness experience. Todd saw the booming large-group fitness industry, and he knew he could do it better. He traveled all over the world exploring the industry and ultimately created the coolest design, sound system, and lighting, along with his signature programming and biomechanical direction. The Ultimate Workout has improved the lives of everyone who’s tried it.

Nutrition Pros is a nutritional system born from an amalgamation of Todd’s 36 years of research, along with the knowledge he gained from working with individuals and understanding their needs. Todd believes in a compassionate approach to his client’s nutritional needs and maintains that flexibility is the key to success. He does not believe that one philosophy is necessarily best and works with his clients to find the nutrition system that best fits their needs.

Fire Nutrition is a cutting-edge supplement business. Todd partnered with experts who had the knowledge to help create superior supplements. Every Fire Nutrition product has been developed to help people achieve optimal health. Fire Nutrition products focus on heart health, gut health, brain health, and immune system optimization. Todd believes transparency is critical to the supplement business’s success, and all products meet the highest quality standards.

The fire to help others improve their health and achieve optimal fitness continues to burn in Todd Smith. He dedicates each day to share his knowledge. Todd knows what makes a body healthy and strong, and his burning need to be a force of change keeps him going every day. He encourages people to focus on the emotional parts of getting healthy. He feels it’s his mission to spread positivity and gratitude. Todd believes that to achieve true health, we must feel good about ourselves and our progress. He endeavors to elevate the spirit of every one of his clients.