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Why you should do HIIT Training!

Why should you choose HIIT over other forms of exercise?

Burn More Fat

HIIT burns fat almost twice as effectively as other forms of exercise; providing better results in less time. Cardio with intention is the idea that you burn as many calories possible in the least amount of time; HIIT will do exactly that by keeping your metabolism thriving. 
HIIT targets fat loss through depleting glycogen (the energy your body uses from carbs you eat), and therefore burns fat for additional energy. Due to its intensity, HIIT will have your body burning fat for hours following your workout!

Boost Lean Muscle + Cardiovascular Health

HIIT can help you build lean muscle because of its intense nature and variating movements. The combination of cardio and weight training will allow you to burn more body fat while sculpting lean muscle.
Muscle gain and fat loss is not HIIT’s only positive benefits. This exercise routine increases cardiovascular health, increases longevity, and releases serotonin to your body to create a healthy mindset. 

Tips for Doing HIIT

Improve over time by setting new goals, avoid the setback of injury by practicing mobility, and paying attention to your form when exercising. Remember, when fatigued, the body tends to sacrifice form. Stay mindful of this fact! Be sure to allow your body plenty of time for sleep and recovery.

If you’re looking to try a HIIT style workout, we suggest jumping into our Ultimate Workout studio for a complimentary workout to make sure it is in line with the goals you are trying to achieve.

Already a member? Then you know what HIIT style training is all about. When the lights drop and music goes, get ready to burn brighter on the other side of the flame!

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